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Apollo brings the best of Reddit to iOS 14’s widgets

Christian Selig, developer of the excellent Reddit client Apollo, has always been deeply connected to its users and the Reddit culture in general. Many of Apollo’s updates focus on the kind of nit-picking features and tweaks that heavy users of the app and platform care about. So it should come as no surprise that Selig drew inspiration from some of the things people love most about Reddit, when he built iOS 14 widgets for Apollo.

Apollo offers seven different types of widgets, about half of which are the type of widgets you expect – showing posts from your favorite subreddit or giving launches to different subreddits – while the other half specializes in bringing the best of Reddit to your home screen.


7;s start with the fun ones: Wallpaper, Shower Considerations and Jokes.

Wallpaper, which is available in small, medium and large sizes, acts as Apple’s own Photos widget by displaying various random photos throughout the day. Instead of relying on your own photo library, Apollo’s widget pulls from the big image-heavy subreddits. Installing the background module allows for spontaneous surprise and joy at different times when you view different beautiful images you have never seen before.

What is especially nice about the Wallpaper widget is that it can be configured to display different types of images. By default, it is set to photography, but you can change it to one of four other built-in options: Wallpapers, art, animals and nature. In addition, there is a custom option where you can list several underreddits that you want the widget to retrieve from. The first custom option I set up was for memes.

Knowledge is power, and with Apollo’s Shower Thoughts and Jokes widgets you can take advantage of the endless knowledge that Redditors share in the areas of deep insight and humor. We all have our best insights while in the shower, right? Now you can have other people’s wisdom delivered directly to the home screen all day, whether you take a shower or not. And who could not use more laughter in their life? A free, endless stream of jokes can now fill your device, and by extension your heart.

As if the above widgets weren’t enough, Apollo offers all the standard tools you can hope for in the other four widget types: Posts, Multiple Posts, Post Feeding, and Subreddit Shortcuts.

The first three, as you probably guessed, show lists or grids of posts from the feeds you choose, with options like your home feed, Popular, All, or a specific sub-subditit or group of sub-subditits. My favorites are the large Multiple Posts widget and the medium Post Feed Grid widget, both of which look very sleek and change background based on your device being in light or dark mode.

Subreddit Shortcuts widget, funny enough, is similar to widgets offered by Apple’s own shortcut app, with a grid of subreddits as colorful buttons you can press to quickly launch subreddit. The small widget can only contain one subreddit, but medium and large support up to six and fourteen, respectively. It is worth noting that all the widgets mentioned above similarly support tapping a certain content to open Apollo directly to that content.

As if Apollo’s stunning set of widgets weren’t enough, the app’s latest update also added a host of other great features, such as Picture in Picture support for videos, the ability to cross posts between subreddits, five great new app icons and much more.

But since widgets are taking over the Internet, it just felt appropriate for me to give people what they want: all the cute widget coverage.

Whether it’s for the widgets, or Picture in Picture, or one of the app’s many other strengths, there’s no need to look beyond Apollo for your Reddit needs.

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