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Apollo for Reddit updated with cross-posting, image flair, translation, more

The popular Apollo for Reddit iOS app was updated today with great new features for Reddit users. The latest version brings cross-posting, image reflex, translation, fast subreddit selector and much more to the app.

Earlier this year, Apollo for Reddit version 1.8 brought several improvements to the media viewer, including the ability to store and share GIFs, improved video playback and previews of Haptic Touch. And now version 1.9 makes the app even better with more improvements and new features.

Today’s update provides cross-posting support, which allows users to take an existing Reddit post and convert it to a similar subreddit. You can see the crossbars of other users and also create your own. The Apollo app is now also compatible with Image Flairs, which is a tag that Reddit users can add their usernames to subreddits.

Another new feature added to version 1

.9 of the Apollo for the Reddit app is built-in translation for posts in different languages, so you can translate any post with just one tap. The update also has a faster subreddit selector, which provides an automatic completion window that makes the process of adding a subreddit to a filter easier and more intuitive.

You can check out all the new features in today’s update below:

  • Cross-posting (taking an existing post and posting it to a similar subreddit) has been a big part of Reddit for ages, but recently it became a full-featured feature where you can see exactly which subreddit it came from, and quickly jump to the original post . Apollo now fully supports this! You can also easily perform a cross post if you want too!
  • Flair is a small “tag” that users can add to their usernames in subreddit, and some subreddits even allow you to add small images / icons in addition to text, such as the icon for your favorite sports team, or a character from your favorite TV your show! You can now set your own style! Just go to the subreddit you choose, then you can choose from a list of customizable flairs!
  • If subreddit lets users tag their posts with individual tones (for example, being able to tag if your question is about a particular character or topic), you can now just tap that style and Apollo will show you all the other posts. in subreddit which is marked with the same style.
  • Reddit is home to a diverse set of communities, but sometimes it is difficult to understand what is being said if the conversation is in a language you are not familiar with. Now Apollo will be able to detect if the language of a comment or post is different from the language of your iOS device, and if so, offer to quickly translate it so you can understand the conversation!
  • Whether you’re trying to add a single subreddit to a filter, or adding multiple subreddits at a time to a multireddit, Apollo is now even faster at doing these tasks, with an auto-fill window that makes it super quick to search and add subreddits.
  • Apollo shows you in an instant how many comments are in the hidden conversation. If you collapse a bunch of comments, and then come back to the same comment section later, Apollo will now remember which comments you collapsed, and keep them collapsed for you!
  • Five new app icons, adjustments, bug fixes and more.

Apollo for Reddit is available for free in the App Store with in-app purchases. It requires an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch running iOS 12 or later.

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