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App Saturday: Ask Wikipedia about you

Does it feel like nothing has happened in your hometown? Would you like to find a place more special to visit than Ye Olde Tourist Trap? If you are interested in local history or want to find unique resorts, the query application's simple and effective search results can help.

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Request-Wikipedia Around You (0.99)

What It Does

Inquiries use your location to show what in your area has its own Wikipedia page. You can learn a house that goes by every day was owned by a state-owned government in the 1930s or read a list of famous people who once lived in your city. The search function is great for exploring anywhere in the world, just type in a place and read what Wikipedia has to say about it.

Wikipedia Browsing

The Page Request is linked to Wikipedia, your searches must not be strictly located. The popular feature shows the most read Wikipedia articles today or month. You can bookmark articles you like in the app, and share them across platforms.

Why We Love It

The asking app is great for finding new places you can check out. Explore feature can show places outside of your location, but still nearby. If you want to find interesting places that are not swarmed with tourists, Inquire provides a quick list of information that can make a trip so much more memorable. So be inspired to take a day trip to a nearby ghost town or check out an impressive art monument that you did not know about.

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