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Apple abruptly stops selling speakers and headphones from Sonos, Bose and Logitech in stores

In a move that is likely to raise some eyebrows, Apple has apparently decided to stop selling any audio equipment from some prominent companies in its stores, both physical and online.

As first reported by Bloomberg Monday night, Apple abruptly stopped selling audio equipment from Sonos, Bose and Logitech. This includes speakers, but also headphones. That’s an interesting move, because Bose is a leader in noise-canceling headphones, and it’s hard to ignore the lingering rumors that Apple may launch its own over-the-ear headphones with Active Noise Cancellation later this month.

Now, when you visit Apple’s online store and try to find something, like Bose’s Noise Canceling Headphones 700, you’re on Apple’s list of products, instead of what you’re looking for.

From the sound of it, these products were available for purchase from mid-September. Probably also at the end of the month as well. From the beginning of October, however, Apple has decided to pull the products off the store shelves.

Again, these are not just headphones. Apple has also pulled speakers from the mentioned companies as well.

In addition, the removal of these products has left an obvious absence of products. But when you visit the headphones and speakers section of the company’s online store, you will only find Apple products now. There are still Beats products, but Apple bought Beats many years ago, so it’s no surprise there.

At the time of publication, both Bose and Logitech have confirmed with Bloomberg that Apple is not going to sell its audio products anymore.

It is rumored that Apple will launch a set of over-earphones, allegedly called AirPods Studio, sometime soon. They can be unveiled at an upcoming event this month, and are expected to take place on October 13. We will also see the new iPhone 12 series on that day also if the rumor mill goes out.

What do you think of this move? So far, Apple has sold competing companies’ products and accessories, but it seems that it has come to an end for audio products.

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