"Apple Inc. was sued by customers claiming that the company illegally discloses and sells information about people's iTunes purchases, as well as their personal data, as opposed to the company's promise of" What is happening on the iPhone, stays on your iPhone, "" Robert Burnson and Edvard Pettersson report for Bloomberg.

"Three iTunes clients from Rhode Island and Michigan sued Friday in San Francisco federal court and attempted to represent a hundred thousand residents in their homeland who allegedly had their personal listening information revealed without their consent," Burnson and Pettersson report . "For example, any person or entity can rent a list of names and addresses of all unmarried, college-educated women over the age of 70 with a household income of over $ 80,000 who purchased Apple music from Apple through its iTunes Store mobile application," said the customer. available for sale for about $ 1

36 per thousand customers listed. ""

Burnson and Pettersson report: "They are seeking $ 250 for every Rhode Island iTunes customer whose information was disclosed and $ 5,000 for each in Michigan under states & # 39; respective privacy laws. "

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