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Apple adds subscription discounts to iOS 12

When developers offer an initial discount or free trial, there is usually a one-time deal. It is changing with a new update to iOS 12. Developers will now be able to offer discounts and subscription service offers, which may prove beneficial for their App Store optimization.


The latest update allows developers to offer discounts on
subscription services for new and existing users. Generally, developers can
offers initial discounts or free trials, but when they expire, the price
would return to standard and could not be changed again. If one uses
uninstalled the app, later decided to try it again, they still had to
pay the full price, after using that one-time offer.

After the update, developers can now present price
discounts when they consider it appropriate. Discounts may be in the form of a
free period, a bundle price for longer duration, or only a limited period
discount. This can be used in several ways to improve the user's storage.

For example, an app can offer a reduced price or one
free month for a user to cancel the subscription to stimulate them
stay. If the price point gets a user to reassess their subscriptions, a
Discount can make the difference between retention and loss ̵

1; an app still
Do more from a user with a discount than losing a user.

The subscription apps usually offer discounted rates for
longer subscriptions; one will often see an app that says something along
lines with "You can subscribe to $ 0.99 a month or $ 10 per year" to encourage
longer subscriptions. This stimulates users to commit for a long time
uses the app and ensures that the app still earns money even if users stop
use it during the year. Now, developers have more options to encourage users
to subscribe and maintain subscriptions.

How this affects ASO

There are several ways that offer subscription discounts
can help with an apps ASO. One important use is to keep the uninstall frequency
low incentive users to maintain the subscription, even at reduced rates
price, can prevent them from uninstalling it. App's app in App
The store can reduce when enough users uninstall it, so offer a temporary one
Lower cost for keeping users pay for the app in many ways.

Offering bundle packages and discounts can also encourage users
to convert. Sales stimulate purchases, so a limited time discount on one
Subscriptions can encourage a user who was on the fence to install
app to take the chance. They can also be offered as part of a holiday sale,
such as black friday, to take advantage of the trade that the user is seeking
for offers. This can improve sessions through subscribers but not
uninstall, then the discount found enough reason to restart the app.

Developers can also provide up to 20 custom screens
Names, descriptions and App Store campaigns for their app purchases
and subscriptions via the App Store Connect.
Since these are displayed on the product page and can be viewed in searches
Results, showing the latest and greatest information on how a sample or discount
Work can help convert users from the App Store to become a subscriber.


This update can only affect apps that offer subscription
services, but there is a small change that can have a major impact. Be able to
Offering a variety of discounts and offers can encourage users to convert and
remain, which may benefit the app's rankings in the App Store. Developers
If apps offer subscriptions, start looking at ways to exploit this
update and use the discount options to retrieve and retain users.

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