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Apple Airs New iPhone & # 39; Privacy Matters & # 39; TV ad, see it here

Apple continues to make a great deal of privacy in a world where many technical companies seem to vacuum your data, and a new ad has been released on its YouTube channel that highlights this. The ad was also shown

The ad is 45 seconds long and carries the tagline "privacy" which is an attitude Apple has taken for years. Through the ad, we show situations where people may want their privacy protected when they go about their daily lives, with Apple emphasizing that people often take privacy for granted.

However, Apple is not immune to having privacy issues of its own. As many have pointed out, this ad comes just a few weeks after a mistake so Group FaceTime used to cancel people after it was found that a recipient did not have to answer to be observed. Apple has now resolved that error, and it's important to note that an error is one thing. A business model that is about to dip into and use other people's data is another.

Facebook and Google, take note.

Apple has long regarded itself as a privacy spokesman and the iPhone is an extension of it. During the CES in Las Vegas recently, Apple took out a build size ad that only stated "What happens on the iPhone stays on the iPhone."

Except if you were on the receiving end of a

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