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Apple and Gallaudet University promote innovation in education

“We have established a freedom of prejudice and a willingness to try different approaches that best suit our customers,” says Leon. “With the trust and the strong working relationship between us, we were able to create the best experience for all of us. It may use the iPad to communicate with a deaf customer. It may launch the Big app on the iPhone, but it’s definitely collaborating with teammates who are deaf. We are constantly finding new ways to communicate with the deaf community. ”

When asked about her experience and preparations during her time at Gallaudet, Leon again mentions the university̵

7;s tradition of pushing the learning experiences forward.

“When I attended my social work classes, we wanted to focus on the importance of technology and how it affects our young people, especially their early childhood education,” says Leon. “We analyzed and discovered the results of early exposure to coding, reading and how graphic design triggered their creativity and curiosity in learning. If I have to describe Gallaudet University in one sentence, it has to be innovation in technology. ”

This autumn, Apple and Gallaudet have also collaborated on the inauguration of scholarships for students with colors with disabilities who follow studies and courses in information technology, informatics and other scientific, technological and mathematical fields. The new scholarships will also give students the opportunity to participate in Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference.

“It’s an honor to work with such an innovative institution as Gallaudet,” said Susan Prescott, Apple’s Vice President of Markets, Apps and Services. “It’s great to see that technology has this kind of impact on an entire university, while coding is combined with American sign language and creativity. It’s so exciting that Gallaudet students will participate in WWDC next year. ”

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