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Apple Announces Apple Watch Series 6 With Blood Oxygen Measurements

It’s been a year, but the next iteration of the mega-popular Apple Watch is now here.

During the “Time Flies” event, a virtual extravaganza to showcase the latest products, Apple unveiled the Apple Watch Series 6. The new smartwatch shares a similar design as the Series 5 it replaces, which is no surprise. And while the new hardware is largely the same as last year, there are some notable additions to the latest smartwatch.

As expected, Apple’s focus on health features will not come anywhere soon. As such, the Apple Watch Series 6 leans even more into this category. So much so that Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, began today’s event and went over the benefits that the Apple Watch brings to the table.

Measurements of oxygen in the blood

The Apple Watch Series 6 now has a new health sensor that receives blood acid monitoring for the smartwatch. The measurement can be taken in just 15 seconds. And it also records background measurements, so you can take measurements while you sleep. You know it takes reading when you see the red lights on the back of the device.

With the Blood Oxygen Measurement app, you can record this data anywhere, anywhere, just like the ECG feature.

To break it down a bit, here is what this new feature is meant to track and monitor. Oxygen saturation, or SpO2, indicates the percentage of oxygen that is transferred through the body via red blood cells from the lungs. The measurement will indicate how well the oxygenated blood is delivered from the source to the rest of the body.

To get the most accurate measurements possible, and to compensate for skin variations, Apple uses four clusters of green, red, and infrared LEDs on the back of the Apple Watch Series 6. In addition, there are four photodiodes, all of which measure light. which is reflected back by the blood. From there, a custom algorithm that works in the Blood Oxygen app will measure oxygen in the blood between 70 percent and 100 percent.

The app will allow measurements on request, but the user must remain still to complete the process. As mentioned above, background measurements will also take place. Users will be able to track trends over time.

Apple Watch Series 6 is now available for order.

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