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Apple announces ‘multifaceted collaboration’ with Gallaudet University

Apple and Gallaudet University work together to make learning more accessible to students, as well as provide them with both academic and career opportunities.

According to a new Apple press release, Gallaudet, a private university for deaf, hard of hearing and deafblind students, will distribute an iPad Pro, Apple Pencil and SmartFolio case to all students enrolled in the fall semester.

This “multifaceted collaboration” will see Apple and Gallaudet join forces to offer new available technologies, career opportunities, learning opportunities and more to students.

“We are grateful to Apple for entering into this exciting partnership with us, and for its support in so many other ways,” said Roberta J. Cordano, President of Gallaudet University. “While Connected Gallaudet was already in the works before the new coronavirus pandemic, it has become transformative for us as we moved completely online for the fall semester.”

The university will also be the first to participate in Apple’s new scholarship program for students with colors with disabilities who are interested in technology, informatics and other scientific, technological and mathematical fields (STEM). Students will also be invited to WWDC, Apple’s annual developer conference.

“Gallaudet has been at the forefront of promoting education and acceptance of deaf culture in this country for more than 150 years,” said Lisa Jackson, Apple’s vice president of environment, politics and social initiatives, in Gallaudet’s press release. “We are honored to work with this incredible institution to create even more opportunities for Gallaudet students and for all underprivileged and underrepresented communities.”

Apple has long been a company that embraces accessibility products. Early in his tenure as Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook spoke about Apple’s belief in the power of accessibility technology during a speech at Auburn University. Cook said that “People with disabilities are often in a struggle to have their human dignity recognized. They are often left in the shadow of technological advances that are a source of empowerment and achievement for others. But Apple engineers are pushing back against this unacceptable reality. They go to great lengths to make our products available to people with various disabilities, from blindness and deafness to various muscle diseases. ”

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