"The Supreme Court this week ruled in the Apple App Store antitrust case, and Apple lost. The court claimed that the lawsuit could proceed in a lower court," said Ben Lovejoy for 9oto5Mac. "However, the decision was just a technical one. It did not apply to the case of antitrust, but merely rejected Apple's argument that the problem had nothing to do with consumers. "

This case can never try it. Lovejoy writes. "Apple will not have its business model subject to a court decision. If a court expects the plaintiffs to be right and Apple acts as a monopoly, then no one can tell where it might end. It would open the door to a government's trial as in last instance could determine how much commission Apple is allowed to charge. "

" That way, Apple can decide that the smarter movement is to get the case out of the way by taking a small volunteer to the commission and paying a little modest amount of damage (it will be worth about half of nothing per consumer), "writes Lovejoy.

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MacDailyNews Take: As usual, lawyers are included in the class action. Ending this legal challenge will be that developers will be able to make payments in their apps without being forced to give Apple a cut or as much of a cut as it does today.

Companies that are currently large enough to work Apple and send users to their own payment sites include Amazon and Netflix. Apple will probably need to terminate this practice and allow all developers to allow users to subscribe to services, purchase books, etc. in their apps without a 1

5% -30% fee. A small fee can be durable, as Apple has the costs to run the App Store, of course. – MacDailyNews, May 13, 2019

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