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Apple can release a Chromecast-like low cost Apple TV Dongle

Apple is said to think about introducing a new, affordable Apple TV that would take the form of a dongle, instead of a set-top box, according to a new report.

Apple is said to have held discussions about the product, a device that would connect directly into a TV's HDMI port in the same way as Amazon's Fire TV Stick.

With Apple working to launch its own content streaming service, and currently showing in its works, it is believed that Apple plans to offer a new, cheaper alternative to Apple TV that will allow users to access the new content without having to buy an entire Apple TV. The theory is that a cheaper option will lower the entry barrier, making Apple's new streaming service more accessible and opening it to more people in the process.

While people will be able to see the new streaming content on any Apple device, to get the content on a TV screen, it is currently easiest to use an Apple TV. Apple's box starts from $ 149 for a non-4K version and $ 179 for Apple TV 4K, and it's currently unclear whether this streaming device will ever see the light of day, but it gives perfect meaning. We expect it to be debut with the new streaming service, and it's rumored to be ready as soon as March 2019, we expect the dongle to be ready as well.

Apple is already eating great streaming services, containing some of the largest names already stored. Apple will want to make it as easy – and as cheap – as possible for the users to get the hardware needed to see it.

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