As in the past, Apple Computer Science Education Week marks by participating in the Time of Code. The company will arrange special Time of Code sessions in its stores from 1st to 14th December as part of today's program for Apple programming. Apple also announced new curriculum offers:

The company also introduced Swift Coding Club materials to help learn encoding outside the classroom with Swift, Apple's easy-to-learn programming language used by professional developers to create world-class programs. And to help prepare and develop students for the workforce, the company presented new Advanced Placement Curriculum and App Development with Swift Certification.

This is the sixth year that Apple has participated in the Time of Code. Participants from 6-1

2 years will learn to code with robots while children 12 and up will use Swift Playgrounds and iPad.

Code of Time is just a small part of Apple's Everyone can code initiative, which has expanded dramatically in recent years. The program now reaches children from the earliest years at school through college graduates.

My kids have participated in the last hour of Code sessions and had a great experience. They are an excellent introduction to coding for any child who is curious about programming. I suggest you sign up if you are interested, but over the last few years, the sessions that are going to be live will soon be filled.