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Apple continues to pack EarPods with iPhones in France

iPhone 12 package France

Posting the announcement of the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro, Apple stopped packing Lightning EarPods and a power adapter for environmental reasons across the entire iPhone series. In France, however, the company continues to pack EarPods with iPhones.


7;s move here probably stems from the fact that regulations in France require that all smartphones be sold with a “hands-free set” to protect children under 14 from electromagnetic waves, as the side effects on young brains are not known.

If Apple sells an iPhone without earphones in the box in France, it will commit a criminal act and be fined 75,000 euros. There is still no power adapter in the box for the new iPhones, with only a USB-C to zipper cable included with them. Apple has also updated the packaging of its older devices, including the iPhone 11, iPhone XR and iPhone SE to not include EarPods or an AC adapter with them.

Following the launch of the iPhone 12, Apple also launched a $ 20 USB-C power adapter for $ 19, making it cheaper than the outgoing 18W adapter available for $ 29. The company has also reduced the price of Lightning EarPods to $ 19 from $ 29.

Our take

The new slimmer store box for the iPhone 12 series does not have enough space for EarPods, so it will be interesting to see what the retail packaging of the new iPhones will look like in France.

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