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Apple Core Root: macOS Mojave Supplemental Update

The accelerating unprofessionalism of Apple’s software development process hurts everyone. This, from the world’s most profitable company in history.

apple could invest in proper software development practices, which means that pre-shipping testing is botched updated to customers on a fixed calendar schedule that guarantees problems.

It begins to taste of not only incompetence, but greed and contempt for customers. The users whose machines were converted to useless paper scales are fully usable.

Rush a release out, and let suckers (are … customers) report the worst mistakes, then fix half of them over 6 months, repeating the ad nausea.

But now the modus operandi has been expanded and expanded: provide minor updates, and then launch an additional update to fix the bug fixes. Except that the errors are not resolved and many will never be *.

New MPG rule: do not install any Apple updates of any kind until at least two weeks have elapsed. Extend it to 6 months for the annual major releases.

* In the dual-display setup on Mac Pro 201

9, I tackle several times a day with losing one of my screens while the computer is asleep, this has been the case since macOS Crapalina was released. I have to jump through hangers to get it to sync and work again. I would have a nice income if Apple paid me $ 10 every time the problem occurred.

Bug fixes for bug fixes

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