"Apple Inc. on Wednesday publicly defended its App Store from criticizing the treatment of rivals in a new blog post describing its features and policies," Reuters reports. "Companies that music streaming leader Spotify Technology SA have criticized the iPhone maker's practice and describe it as a competition contest in a complaint to the EU antitrust regulators. At the heart of Spotify's complaint is a 30% fee Apple pays content-based service providers to use Apple's purchasing system (IAP)." 1

9659003] MacDailyNews Take: Spotify does not pay Apple 30%. It is only for the first year of an annual subscription, Apple's fee falls to 15 percent after year one.

  Apple's App Store

Apple's App Store

"In a section called" Principles and Practices, & # 39; Apple defended its practice and said developers are deciding what to charge from a set of price levels, & # 39; reports Reuters. "" We are just collecting a commission from developers when a digital good or service is delivered through an app. ""

Reuters reports, "Earlier this month, the US Supreme Court also made an advance to an antitrust lawsuit accusing Apple of forcing consumers to to pay for iPhone applications, again linked to 30% commission on purchase. "

Read more in the whole article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Spotify wants all the benefits of a free app without being free.

Spotify is a money-making company that cannot compete and has already been explained by Apple Music in the world's No.1 recorded music market, the United States. When he sees the writing on the wall, Spotify drives to the EU as little babies crying for mum; not a dignity again. Beleaguered Spotify predicts an operating loss of up to $ 406.77 million for 2019 . – MacDailyNews, March 15, 2019

"This boils down to the fact that Spotify wants to use the platform that Apple built and maintained for high price free ." – MacDailyNews, March 13, 2019 [19659009] BTW: You must be stupid to subscribe to Spotify when it has 40% fewer slots than Apple Music for the same price. Apple Music has a catalog of 50 million songs; Spotify has only 30 million. Do not be stupid. If you are still subscribing to Spotify, the latest time is for you to cancel it and upgrade to Apple Music. (See also: How to move the Spotify playlists to Apple Music.)

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