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Apple Designs Custom Face Mask for corporate and retail employees [Updated with Unboxing]

Apple’s design team has created a new type of protective mask that is distributed to retailers and business employees, reports Bloomberg.

The mask is called Apple Face Mask, and it was developed internally in Cupertino by the Engineering and Industrial Design teams at Apple. Last week, an Apple employee posted MacRumors a picture of the mask design, which can be seen above.

Apple Face Mask has a three-layer design that filters both incoming and outgoing particles like many textile masks, and it can be washed and reused up to five times. The mask has a design with a triangular shape to fit the nose without goggles, a rounded section for the chin and adjustable strings for the ears.

In Apple Bloomberg that it conducted “careful investigations and tests” to find suitable materials to filter the air without disturbing the supply of medical personal protective equipment.

Apple employees will begin receiving Apple Face Masks over the next two weeks. Apple also offers basic surgical masks to customers who visit the stores, but these are not Apple-designed masks.

Update: This article has been updated. The original article referred to another mask, ClearMask, but it turns out that the other mask was not designed by Apple. However, Apple distributes ClearMask to some of its retailers because they show the entire face so that people who are deaf and hard of hearing can understand what the user is saying. Apple is also working on its own transparent mask that will be distributed to employees in the future.

Update 2: MacRumors has received several photos of Apple Face Mask.

Update 3:

Mark Gurman shares a series of unboxing photos of Apple Mask:

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