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Apple: Epic threatened to leave iOS if we do not cave to ‘Fortnite’ claims

Recent Apple archives reveal the huge backstage support Apple has given Fortnite maker Epic Games over the past two years.

Epic Games' Fortnite
Epic Games’ Fortnite

Yoni Heisler for BGR:

A lawsuit from Mark Grimm – Apple’s game developer manager – highlights how long Apple has bent over backwards to accommodate Epic Games in recent years … As described by Grimm, Apple and Epic engineers have remained in “almost constant contact”

; for the past two years. to ensure that Fortnite can function optimally at all times and across a variety of devices, Grim notes that Apple provided Epic with significant technical support to “reduce Fortnite’s memory footprint”, which allowed it to run on older iPhone models.

A separate archive from Mike Schmid, Apple’s head of gaming business development, sheds even more light on some of the help behind the scenes Apple gave Epic Games over the years.

A particularly interesting treat from Schmid is that Epic will routinely threaten to release Fortnite updates on competing platforms only if Apple does not “meet their requests.” Schmid also said that Epic on a number of occasions threatened to “end its relationship with Apple and remove the games” from the App Store if Apple did not comply with the company’s requirements.

Schmid further details that Apple was so concerned with meeting Epic’s requirements and needs that it adjusted the Epic relationship team to provide the company with support around the clock.

MacDailyNews Take: As we have said from the beginning: “Epic Games will have all the benefits it provides for the Apple App Store for free.”

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