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Apple event coming March 25 to reveal news subscription service: Report

An Apple event comes in March but doesn't expect new hardware. According to BuzzFeed the incident will rather reveal the iPhone maker's rumored news subscription service:

Apple has decided a date for its first major product message in 2019. Sources tell BuzzFeed News that the company plans to hold a special event on March 25 Steve Jobs Theater on his Apple Park campus. Headdress collection: The subscription news service that has been over the news today. It's unlikely to be a look: next generation AirPods, or the rumored new iPad Mini.

According to a previous report by WSJ today, Apple wants a 50% reduction in the price of news subscriptions, which the Service is viewed as a "Netflix for news" and offers unlimited content for a monthly fee , as part of a premium level in Apple News.

Sources claim that the service costs USD 10 per month, while half goes to Apple and the rest goes to participating publishers – based on how much time users spend reading articles. Apple will also not provide customer data to publishers, including credit card information and email addresses.

Last year, Apple bought the magazine Texture, which was partly owned by Rogers Media. It was previously reported by Bloomberg magazine service will be part of Apple News and the upcoming subscription model.

When released iOS 12.2 to the public, it will include Apple News for Canadian users, with five first publications: CBC, Radio Canada, La Presse, CTV News and the Toronto Star.

While an Apple event for March is coming, BuzzFeeds "sources" say no hardware is coming, so don't expect new fins or a new iPad mini that pops up.

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