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Apple expands footprint for renewable energy in Europe

The supplier’s clean energy progress

The German-based supplier Varta committed this week to running its Apple production with 100 percent renewable power. Across Europe, Apple’s suppliers are working towards clean energy solutions for their Apple productions – including Henkel and tesa SE, also based in Germany, DSM Engineering Materials based in the Netherlands, STMicroelectronics based in Switzerland and Solvay based in Belgium. These solutions include DSM̵

7;s purchase agreement for wind power in the Netherlands and STMicroelectronics’ solar carport in Morocco. Companies such as Solvay are now expanding the use of renewable energy to their broader businesses after joining Apple’s supplier program for clean energy five years ago.

Apple launched the program in October 2015 to help suppliers reduce energy consumption and the transition to 100 percent renewable electricity. Since its launch, 72 manufacturing partners in 17 different countries have committed to 100 percent renewable energy for Apple production. When all of Apple’s supplier projects are completed, these commitments will avoid over 14.3 million tonnes of CO2e annually – equivalent to taking more than 3 million cars off the road each year.

Viborg data center

Apple’s data center in Viborg, a 45,000 square meter facility that offers network support and data storage to its users across the region, is now operational. The data center helps power Apple’s App Store, Apple Music, iMessage, Siri and other services in Europe powered entirely by renewable energy from local projects.

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