"New iPhones won't be out in the fall. But Monday, we're talking about what new features Apple has planned for us, not just for the next models, but also the latest iPhones and iPads," Jefferson reports. Graham for the United States today. "At its worldwide developer conference, Apple app manufacturers invite you to hear a roadmap for what the company has in store, hoping developers will be thrilled and using the tools in their apps."

Here are some of the New features expected:

Dark mode: Like a feature introduced on the MacOS Mojave operating system upgrade for Mac, this tool gives users a black background on the screen for iPhone and iPads. The enthusiastic since the 9to5 Mac says it has screenshots of the new feature.

Find My Friends Meet Find My iPhone: The two features are expected to be combined into one, to share places of both your goods

Mail: Apple Looks out to follow in Google's footsteps with multiple tools to waste unwanted emails from sight, with categories for marketing, travel and "read later."

Graham reports: "Traditionally, Apple is announcing software updates in June, publishing a beta version in the summer and finally in September, usually a few days before the release of the new iPhone."

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