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Apple Fall 2020 Event: New iPhones, Apple Watch 6, Rumored Delays and Apple Codes?

Apple’s fall event provides historically exciting announcements. This year earlier, this part of the technology giant’s series of annual events has brought key information about upcoming product releases, especially for new iPhones and Apple Watches. The timing of the Apple Fall incident in 2020 is currently unannounced, but it is likely that it will still occur close to the typical timing. The iPhone 1

2 release, however, will probably see a delay of a few weeks, according to Apple Q3 Earnings Call, for which Motley Fool has shared the transcript.

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When and how can you watch Apple’s Fall 2020 event

The long-awaited fall Apple event plan has not been released yet, so people are naturally wondering how to hear about the new iPhones and Apple Watches. Do not worry – so far it looks like there will still be an event this fall. We announce the schedule when we know more, so stay tuned!

On the day of the event, our team will post on our Facebook group, and we also plan to offer an Apple Fall Fall Recap podcast in 2020 to ensure the highlights are available to everyone. Remember to ask to join the Facebook group at least one day in advance so we can add you!

New iPhones from 2020: Delayed, but not forgotten

Most people are wondering about the new 2020 iPhone 12 models, when the new iPhones will be released, and how much they will cost.

2020 iPhone name

We were relieved last year to see Apple return to its classic numbered naming strategy with the iPhone 11 models, and evidence suggests that the company is likely to continue this strategy going forward with 2020’s latest models. The new iPhones will probably be called iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro.

2020 iPhone Features

With the iPhone release in 2020, we may see four new phones. Apple recently registered nine new model identifiers in the Eurasian Economic Commission – a necessary step in the release of new technology from Apple. Among these models, we think there will be four iPhone 12s; two less expensive options and two advanced options, each with two sizes.

It seems that the most important features of these new iPhones will be 5G functionality, all OLED screens, a three-size range, triple-lens accessibility and Apple’s expected new A14 processor chip.

According to renowned Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, 5G support will come as standard in 2020 iPhones, making this the most progressive new iPhone feature to date, given the recent 5G turmoil and dispute resolution with chip supplier Qualcomm, as reported. by Reuters.

For size, we look forward to a few likely options: a 5.4 “, a 6.1” and a 6.7 “, with both the less expensive and advanced phones having a 6.1” handset.

In terms of processing speed, Macworld notes that production for A14 chips takes long enough for them to “probably start test production” earlier this year. Good news for those looking forward to this progress! It also means that the time is a little less likely to have been affected by today’s world events, but no promises.

As seen on the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max, the triple camera has garnered fantastic reviews, and many claim that it produces high-quality images to replace its independent cameras. With a reputation like this, it is very likely that at least the iPhone 12 Pro models will have this technology, if not all the new iPhone models. Updated LiDAR technology should also be included, which will enhance the device’s 3D mapping and similar capabilities.

For more iPhone 12 specs and predictions, including cool new designs, RAM, pricing and more, check out Amy Spitzfaden-Both’s iPhone 12 Rumor Roundup.

A smartwatch development: Apple Watch 6

It’s rumored that Apple’s latest smartwatch is full of updates and new features. The most likely function, according to 9to5Mac, is the oxygen level monitor in the blood. While we have seen recent uses for oxygen monitoring in the blood with the pandemic, it was rumored that this feature was planned for the 2020 Apple Watch 6 release to help users plan and even avert panic attacks.

Other coveted and improvements include a wireless antenna behind the screen to increase wireless connectivity, according to Apple Insider. We should also see some repairs and developments with electrocardiogram functions, probably spurred by misuse when previous models attempted to detect an elevated heart rate.

To learn more about expected Apple Watch 6 features, including yoga updates, pricing, and Kid Mode, check out Cullen Thomas’ Apple Watch 6 Rumors article.

What else can Apple release this fall?

A less expensive HomePod

Bloomberg suggests that a less expensive version of Apple’s HomePod speaker will soon debut – potentially this year. Although it is doubtful that world events will help production in this area, it is still possible that we will see a new competitive HomePod in 2020.

Apple codes?

If you’re good at losing your keys, phone, and other little accessories like I am, you’ll probably enjoy Apple’s latest (and smallest) reputation product: Apple Tags. Like the popular Tile Bluetooth codes, these will help even the most forgetful users to keep track of their devices, and via Apple’s famous secure features. Speculating on the release of Apple Tags as early as 2020, Bloomberg notes that the development of the small trackers has been going on for over a year, so this rumor may not be far off.

Shall we see a new Mac?

Although nothing is guaranteed, Apple’s registration of new models in the Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC) database also included a new Mac, according to entries found by MySmartPrice and confirmed by MacRumors. If new Macs are on the market, they will usually be announced at Apple’s October event following the new iPhone and new Apple Watch releases in the fall. We may also be looking for a Mac announcement from Fall 2020 – cross your fingers!

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