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Apple Fall Alert Well worth the money: AppleWatch

I just had to rave about the fall watch today on my Apple Watch, which was a feature I honestly never thought I would use, besides perhaps telling it, yes I fell, but I'm fine. I'm just a klutz that way. But today I was out in the backyard and moved old wood and pulled weeds while my three year old played alongside me. I tried to get it done quickly, so I possibly ignored the fact that it was hot and I needed more water when I drank, or maybe I just got up from a bent over too fast, but I remember watching my daughter across of our farm and trying to say something, then it was as if the edges of the world were zoomed in, and the next thing I know is that I have a mouthful of dirt and grass, and my daughter screams and cries my name over me as you pull on my hair . It was incredible disorienting, almost as you blink and the scene changes drastically without any warning. So, through all this, while trying to figure out what the hell just happened, I hear a voice asking if anyone can hear her, so my watch gives what I think was GPS coordinates. Apparently I was out in three minutes, or at least three minutes since 91

1 picked up. Paramedics did not come so long after, and I managed to get my bad, distraught daughter calmed down before they arrived. Honestly I'm fine, don't even go to the hospital or get a bump on my head. However, this has made me a big fan of my Apple Watch! As an amazing super big shout from the ceiling, kind of fan! I keep coming back to what if. These are my reasons why I am so in love with this watch now. No one knew where I was, which means no one knew where I was three years old. I don't live close enough to neighbors to hear her and our backyard is completely fenced so no one can see ourselves. What if I hadn't woken up, how long had it been before someone had found us? It makes me appalling just to think about it. Especially considering how scared she was when I woke up. Luckily, that was not the case, and in general it was just an incredibly embarrassing situation, but it is really awesome to know that if something ever happened or if I hadn't woken up earlier, the help would still have found us! It alone made buying my watch worth it!

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