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Apple Family Sharing facilitates sharing of childcare purchase and handling ~ Macs Tech Notes

Family life is about unity, but keep track of who does what when it can be tough. Apple Family Sharing Service makes it easy to share apps, media, and more in a family of up to six members, and it provides some useful digital household features, such as finding the child's maliciously placed iPad. Here is an overview of how Family Sharing can improve family life, both online and in the real world.

Manage Your Kids Purchases

Each family sharing group has an organizer. That person (probably you) sets up the family on a Mac in System Preferences> iCloud and connects a credit card to the account to pay for all the App Store, iTunes Store and iBooks Store purchases of apps, music, TV shows, videos, and e- books.

For any child under 18 in the group, you can turn on Ask for Buy. This feature allows the child to shop for apps or media, but only complete a purchase if you approve. Request to buy also applies to free downloads, so you can maintain control over free games. You can give other adults in your family the opportunity to approve Ask to purchase requests.

Share Apps, Media and More

To help keep your costs down, when someone in the family has purchased an app or media file, Everyone else in the family can download it. Keep in mind that some apps do not allow such sharing, and purchases of apps can not be shared. You may like to hide some or all purchases from other family members.

You can also purchase a family subscription on Apple Music, Apple's streaming music service. At $ 14.99 per month for a family instead of $ 9.99 per person, it's a good deal.

Family Sharing creates a few items that all group members can access on their Apple devices:

  • A shared family album appears in the Photos app, which makes it easy to build a common set of photos. You can enter the family album as a screen saver on Mac or Apple TV.
  • A shared family calendar in the Calendar app helps you track the basketball games and piano bricks that everyone needs to know about.
  • A common family list in the Reminder application has many possible uses, such as a grocery list with location-based alerts or a chore list of timeouts.

Find Your Children (and Their Devices)

Family Sharing Simplifies Setup and the Use of Two Keywords Apple Services Related to Finding Things.

All family members automatically become "friends" in the Apple Find My Friends app. This aggregate app shows where everyone is on a map (more specifically, it shows where their primary device is). We find this feature useful for determining when someone is likely to be home for dinner or for teenagers to see that a parent is on his way to a retrieval. If you need privacy cards, you can temporarily stop sharing your location.

You do not need to find my iPhone app, which shows the location of the entire family's Apple devices, including the small AirPods – on a daily basis. But when your tween is not sure if he dropped his iPhone on the bus or in the museum, it's a godsend. You can also use Find My iPhone to play a sound on a missing device (if it's on the couch), post a message on it, or even delete the device completely.

Family Sharing can not do anything you want, like sharing entire photo libraries or contact lists, but it's a blessing for all households that use members of a variety of Apple devices.

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