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Apple files a patent for a semiconductor laser chip

Yesterday, the US Patent & Trademark Office published a patent application from Apple entitled “Laser Architectures Using Quantum Well Intermixing Techniques.” The inventors of the patent are from Apple’s engineering team, which is responsible for designing future special chips for Apple products. Whether it extends to the new Apple Silicon is unknown at this time.

Apple’s patent application 20200244045 is very technical and written by two specialty engineers Alfredo Bismuto and Mark Arbore.

Bismuth is Apple’s chief engineer and photonics technologist. His bio states that he has ten years of experience in the development of gas sensors, microwave optics, new infrared technologies for photonics and optoelectronics. A few of his core competencies include: OEM semiconductor laser design • Production of semiconductor devices • IR spectroscopy • Quantum Cascade and Diode Lasers • All-Optical Sensors • Say integration of IR lasers and more.

Arbor is an Apple System Architect who his cinema distributes to be an Optical System Architect, Innovative Optical Designer and Technical Manager. We further learned that his overall technical responsibility is for a sensor technology development project; other efforts include support for hardware engineering and the Exploratory Design Group.


7;s patent application No. 26 states that their the invention applies “semiconductor lasers which can be useful for many applications, for example tracking gas detection, environmental monitoring, biomedical diagnostics, telecommunications and industrial process control. ”

On Tuesday, Apple was granted patent cgas detection and environmental monitoring. It is now clear from Tuesday’s granted patent that Apple’s future gas detection and environmental monitoring chip will probably not be a shelf chip from an Apple supplier for use in future iPhones, but rather one designed by Apple engineers specifically designed for iPhone and Apple Watch like this describes the patent application for Laser Architectures using Quantum Well Intermixing Techniques.

Overall, Apple’s invention in general relates to a semiconductor laser formed using Quantum Well Intermixing (QWI). More particularly, the invention is directed to a semiconductor laser chip included a number of QWI laser strips has different optical gain shifts.

Apple’s patent claims emphasize a “number of laser strips” by referring to this 9 times and a further 94 times in the application part itself.

Apple’s patent FIG. 2A below illustrates a top view of a number of laser strips included in an example of a laser chip.

2 Laser Chip with Laser Stripes

Apple’s patent application states that “Various techniques and process steps will be described in detail with reference to examples as illustrated in the accompanying drawings.”

Unless you are an engineer in very specific optical and laser fields, Apple’s archiving will go over most heads. For learned or curious souls, check out the complete patent application 20200244045 here.

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