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Apple Files for trademarks covering ‘SensorKit’ and more

Apple has applied for new trademarks. The first is for “SensorKit” which Apple describes as a framework for “Retrieving data and derived calculations from an iPhone’s sensors, or from a paired Apple Watch.” It is currently in beta. Apple notes: “This documentation contains preliminary information about an API or technology under development. This information is subject to change and software implemented in accordance with this documentation should be tested with the final operating system software. “

During the Apple Watch and iPad event, Tim Cook talked about New York’s Mount Sinai, which launched their new Warrior Watch study from the beginning at 6:40. He noted that by “Uses data from Apple Watch Researchers study the impact of COVID-1

9 on the psychological well-being of frontline health workers by identifying early signs of stress … ”

This is probably where SensorKit comes in by directly providing researchers with the exact data needed to support a study from the various sensors in an Apple device.

The second trademark filing was created Monday in the UK for Apple’s new iPad Air processor “A14 Bionic.”

Apple Files for the ‘SensorKit’ trademark

2 x2 SensorKit

In the United States, Apple filed its SensorKit trademark under International Class 009, which covers the following: “Downloadable computer software used to develop other software applications.”

In Hong Kong’s trademark filing 305403186, Apple Legal went a little overboard when it covered SensorKit under the same US International Class filing. Below is just a look at what they listed:

“Computers; hardware; portable hardware; handheld computers; tablets; telecommunications devices and instruments; telephones; mobile phones; smartphones; wireless communication devices for the transmission of voice, data, images, audio, video and multimedia content; network communication devices; provide access to the Internet for transmission, reception and storage of telephone calls, electronic mail and other digital data; smart watches, notebook aktivitetssporere; connected bracelet[gauges;perifereenheterfordatamaskinermobiltelefonermobileelektroniskeapparaterbærbareelektroniskeapparatersmarteklokkersmartebrillerøretelefonerhodetelefonerskrittellerpressuremeasuringdevicespressureindicators;skjermerskjermerhodemonterteskjermeroghodetelefonerforbrukmeddatamaskinersmarttelefonermobileelektroniskeenheterbærbareelektroniskeenhetersmarteklokkersmartebrillerfjernsynoglyd-ogvideospillerogopptakere;smartglassesthe3Dglassesspectaclessunglassesspectaclelensesopticalglassopticalgoods”[measuringinstruments;peripheraldevicesforcomputersmobiletelephonesmobileelectronicdeviceswearableelectronicdevicessmartwatchessmartglassesearphonesheadphonespedometer;pressuremeasuringapparatus;pressureindicators;monitorsdisplayscreensheadmounteddisplaysandheadsetsforusewithcomputerssmartphonesmobileelectronicdeviceswearableelectronicdevicessmartwatchessmartglassestelevisionsandaudioandvideoplayersandrecorders;smartglasses;3Dspectacles;eyeglasses;sunglasses;spectaclelenses;opticalglass;opticalgoods”[måleinstrumenter;perifereenheterfordatamaskinermobiltelefonermobileelektroniskeapparaterbærbareelektroniskeapparatersmarteklokkersmartebrillerøretelefonerhodetelefonerskritteller;trykkmåleapparater;trykkindikatorer;skjermerskjermerhodemonterteskjermeroghodetelefonerforbrukmeddatamaskinersmarttelefonermobileelektroniskeenheterbærbareelektroniskeenhetersmarteklokkersmartebrillerfjernsynoglyd-ogvideospillerogopptakere;smartebriller;3D-briller;briller;solbriller;brilleglass;optiskglass;optiskevarer”[measuringinstruments;peripheraldevicesforcomputersmobiletelephonesmobileelectronicdeviceswearableelectronicdevicessmartwatchessmartglassesearphonesheadphonespedometer;pressuremeasuringapparatus;pressureindicators;monitorsdisplayscreensheadmounteddisplaysandheadsetsforusewithcomputerssmartphonesmobileelectronicdeviceswearableelectronicdevicessmartwatchessmartglassestelevisionsandaudioandvideoplayersandrecorders;smartglasses;3Dspectacles;eyeglasses;sunglasses;spectaclelenses;opticalglass;opticalgoods”

That’s about a third of what was actually listed. My favorite also came on the list: The dog whistles. I guess it falls under “smart dogs” but who knows.

Although I have seen a SensorKit logo online, I have not found it associated with SensorKit officially. Apple’s first trademark covered in this report covers only text, as presented below, and not a figurative logo. When and if Apple files for such trademark, we will make sure to post a new report covering it.

3 SensorKit

Apple Files for the ‘A14 Bionic’ trademark

4A14 Bionic

Apple filed its trademark in the United Kingdom on Monday specifically under International Class 009, which covers the following: “Computers; hardware; laptops; handheld computers; tablets; cell phones; smartphones; smart watches; computer chips.”

Apple’s trademark filing only covers plain text and is not for the figurative version that probably covers what we have presented above.

5 UKTM filing Apple A14 Bionic

It should be noted that international trademark classes under which Apple files its trademarks are important because trademark registration will only protect the classes identified in the original application. In a legal battle, the classes that were originally filed could appeal or break a lawsuit.

11. Bar for trademarks and designs

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