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Apple gives users more time to buy AppleCare after sales

This is how it used to be before Apple’s prayer counters decided to implement their latest anti-customer policy – very unfair and a very ugly policy that affected me and my children regarding our computers. This, after being an Apple customer since 1984. Shame on you, Apple.

But the best way to judge errors is to see if or how they are corrected /

Looks like Apple finally got it right, but it’s still outrageous to pay a super premium price for one pathetic 1 year warranty, even for professional professional products.

For example, OWC offers 3-year and 5-year warranties on its excellent products for Mac and PC, as do companies like NEC on the wide color displays.

August 17, 2020

Apple Inc. on Monday told retailers and customer support staff that the company is extending the time period when customers can subscribe to the AppleCare + service.

Consumers currently have a chance to sign up for the warranty and support program within 60 days of purchasing an Apple product. This the subscription window increases to up to one year now in the US and Canada.

… The updated application requires the user to have their device screened by an Apple retailer to make sure it is not damaged before they can purchase the plan.

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