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Apple has a special curated playlist of all the music in the latest ads

Apple has a certain talent for artistic style. You can see it in the products and in the way it markets these products. Most of the video ads take you on a visual journey that is both engaging and enticing. That's because Apple places great emphasis on content and music, which is surprisingly easy to find.

In case you didn't know – I didn't until someone posted it on Reddit – Apple has a special Apple Music playlist called "Heard in Apple Ads" that keeps all the catchy music it has incorporated into its ads. These songs often allow us to pull out Shazam or ask a voice assistant to name the song. Well, Apple has made the process much easier.

Anyone can find and access this music as long as you have an Apple Music subscription, otherwise you will only get short previews of the songs.

every major song from the songs in the ads. The latest round of ads focuses on Face ID and requires some confirmation, so Apple went with Latroit's "Nice," which is first on the playlist. Before that, it wanted to take viewers on a surreal experience with an AirPods video, so it went with Tessellated & # 39; s "I Learned Some Jazz Today."

The list goes on and on. It is very nice of Apple to compile this list for users to find the catchy music very easily.

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