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Apple has already revised the patent for folding iPhone

Hot on the heels of the Samsung Galaxy Fold device that was announced recently, the attention has predictably turned around if Apple will keep up. At the moment we are not so sure, but a revised patent for a folding phone, of Apple origin, will not stop people from getting up.

The design was filed in October last year and shows that Apple was at least considering making its own collapsible phone. It should not come as a surprise considering that Apple throws a lot of mud on the wall to see which sticks, and many projects are often fled for a long time, without seeing the light of day. Furthermore, Apple patents patents for just about any of its engineers come up with, again with few of these ideas turning into real sales products.

Foldable News Foldable iPhone X Concept (foldable.news) [19659002] Having said that, the patent describes a screen that would fold in two or two thirds of hinges, saying that "it would be desirable to Use flexible display technology to provide enhanced electronic devices. "

This, of course, associates with a March report in CNBC where it was claimed that Apple would have a collapsible iPhone ready by 2020, with the device turned into a small tablet as desired. We are not sure that it will happen within the time limit mentioned, or at all, but we will be bold to suggest that the eyes of Apple will be very much on the Galaxy Fold, just like the rest of us.

If the Galaxy Fold is going to cost $ 2000, what would an iPhone of similar bending nature cost and would you buy it?

(Source: USPTO)

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