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Apple has lost me as a customer

Block something really compelling that has solid potential improve my workflow, I will Avoid buying new Apple hardware for as long as I can.

I also do not want to update macOS on my existing machines to a larger release, unless and until macOS offers something compelling (vanishingly small chance of it, as proven in the last 8 years).

No, I’ll not switch to Linux or Windows – the transition costs and ongoing issues will be too painful to think about. It’s far more troublesome and difficult than most readers understand, and I do not think that Linux or Windoze will eventually get better – they will have many problems of their own.

2019 Mac Pro is something I like (when it works) and despise (when it does not) every single day. In balance, there has been a huge waste of money, and if Apple offered me a refund, I would have the chance.

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