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Apple Introduces $ 50 Beats Flex Wireless Earphones When iPhone Ships Without EarPods

Since iPhone cases no longer contain Apple’s wired EarPods earphones, Apple’s subsidiary Beats has introduced $ 49.99 Beats Flex earphones.

Apple's new Beats Flex headphones
Apple’s new Beats Flex headphones

Beats Flex earphones are Beats most affordable premium wireless earphones to date. The earphones take advantage of the flexible and practical design of the BeatsX, and boast huge improvements, including magnetic auto-play / pause earbuds, a 12-hour battery life, a new acoustic driver and upgraded microphone for impressive sound performance and USB-C charging. Beats Flex delivers a high quality audio experience at a fraction of the cost of its predecessor, making it a perfect gift for anyone you know this holiday season.

Beats Flex comes in four stylish colors – Beats Black, Yuzu Yellow, Smoke Gray and Flame Blue – with Beats Black and Yuzu Yellow available for pre-order from today on apple.com.

“I’m excited to announce that Beats is launching its most affordable product ever – packed with incredible audio technology from Apple,” said Oliver Schusser, vice president of Beats, Apple Music and International Content, in a statement. “This will give even more music fans around the world the opportunity to experience the sound quality and design Beats products are known for.”

Beats Flex uses a proprietary layered driver with dual-chamber acoustics to achieve rich, balanced sound with outstanding stereo separation. Laser-cut micro-ventilation and an optimal driver angle ensure relief of the ear and accurate sound output. In addition, an advanced digital processor fine-tunes the sound for accurate bass, precise midrange and low distortion over the frequency curve.

Whether you want to listen to music, call or browse your social stream, Beats Flex will be there when you need it. The Flex-Form cable is made of durable Nitinol material and is extremely light and almost imperceptible when used around the neck.

Magnetic earplugs make it easier to listen by automatically playing music when they are in your ears and pausing when they are fastened around your neck. When not in use, they are easily rolled up in your pocket or purse, without tangle. And with four earplugs, you get a personal, secure fit for optimal sound and comfort.

With Class 1 Bluetooth technology, Beats Flex offers extended wireless range and fewer dropouts. An advanced built-in microphone helps reduce wind noise for increased voice clarity and call performance. Controls on the device allow you to adjust the volume, manage music, call or activate voice assistant.

The Apple W1 chip seamlessly integrates Beats Flex into your world of Apple products. Just turn on and hold near the iPhone or iPad for one-touch pairing. From there, Beats Flex is ready to use with all Apple devices synced to iCloud, so you can seamlessly switch between products, check battery status or use audio sharing.

With audio sharing, you can wirelessly share audio with your friend using Beats Flex and another pair of Beats headphones or AirPods.3 From a song, to a podcast, or even a movie – some things are better together. Now you can easily share what you are listening to on an iPhone, iPad or Apple TV, and control each of your volumes. Just grab the other set of headphones near your Apple device and connect with a tap.

Battery life
Beats Flex upgraded battery all day has up to 12 hours of listening time. If you need a little extra power, 10 minutes of fast fuel charging with the included USB-C cable provides 1.5 hours of playback when the battery is low.

With USB-C charging, Beats Flex provides a simple charging solution on both Apple and Android platforms. Android users can also download the Beats app from the Google Play Store to get additional features like quick pairing, device status (ie battery level) and firmware updates.

Environmentally friendly packaging
Beats Flex’s packaging uses the smallest amount of plastic of all Beats packaging to date and consists of 87% fiber-based materials. All wood fiber in the packaging comes from recycled sources or responsibly managed forests, and the product tray can be recycled with paper.

Prices and availability
Beats Flex ($ 49.99) can be ordered today in Beats Black and Yuzu Yellow at apple.com, available from October 21st.

MacDailyNews Take: Strong pricing means that Beats Flex will move many, many devices.

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