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Apple is starting to ship devices directly from stores

Apple changes how it ships devices to consumers: Instead of shipping all the hardware products directly from China or from local warehouses, the company will now use its network of Apple Stores as de facto fulfillment centers, shipping products directly from stores to get there faster the customers.

The change, Bloomberg reports, will use Apple’s nearly 300 stores in the United States and Canada to speed up local delivery for customers within 100 miles of a store. The company has apparently already started using the new system with more stores earlier this year, but the wider launch comes just before Apple̵

7;s upcoming iPhone launch next week (which is already taking place later than usual).

The shift is largely an internal one, according to Bloomberg – so that customers can not choose the store their devices are delivered from. But using retail stores to facilitate faster shipping to customers can help get new iPhones into people’s hands so much faster, especially at a time when these stores see much less personal traffic (or are completely closed) due to the ongoing COVID -19 pandemic.

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