Today, Apple announced an updated version of its latest remaining iPod product, iPod touch. The device is starting at the same price of $ 199 as before, but it has been upgraded in several ways, such as adding an A10 Fusion chip that replaces the previous generation's A8, making it possible for Group FaceTime and extended reality .

Much about the new iPod remains the same. It maintains the previous generation's basic form factor, including the same 4-inch display and headphone jack. The device is available in Pink, Silver, Space Gray, Gold, Blue and (PRODUCT) RED ready just as it was before. One thing that is new, but in addition to the upgraded A1

0 chip, is that there is now a higher storage capacity available. Along with the 32GB and 128GB models, you can now get an iPod touch with 256GB of storage. Prices for the lower storage stays $ 199 and $ 299 as before, and the new model comes in at $ 399.

The new iPod touch is available today to order from and will be available at Apple Stores later this week. . Apple wanted to bring this device to the world ahead of WWDC next week, so it would be interesting to see if it might mean that new software like iOS 13 no longer comes on A8 chips, so Apple had to modernize the iPod before announcing the new one version of iOS.