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Apple Made Window Management Better In MacOS Catalina (How To Use It)

There have been quite a few significant changes in MacOS 10.15, but what has not received much attention, it is easier to use the window management system. There have been a few third-party options on the market for a while, but now Apple has made a few noticeable tweaks to theirs.

If you have an iPad or are familiar with how iPad's multitasking works, then you already have an understanding of how macOS & # 39; window management system works. Wind management was originally added to MacOS 10.14, but many didn't even know it existed

The big downside to Apple's window management is that you can only run two windows at a time. Many third-party options let you run two, three, or even four on a screen.

Using Window Management in MacOS Catalina

  1. Hold the mouse pointer over the green button in the upper left corner of an open window.
  2. Select to maximize the window, or set it as a tile on the left or right side.
  3. When you select the side of the screen, d as the first window should appear, all your remaining windows will open in the exposure format.
  4. Now, click on the app that you want to to open on the other side.

How to adjust Windows

When you have the two windows opened side by side, a gray line appears in the middle. Click and hold that line to drag left or right to resize the windows.

If you decide that you no longer want to use the applications side by side, take the cursor up to the top of the screen. [1

9659002] You can then exit full screen by clicking on one of the green circles, or you can click on the red circle to exit one of the applications.

Best Third Party Opportunity

I've been using an app called Magnet for a while. The Magnet is available on the Mac App Store and costs only $ 1. It is much easier to use and can support up to four windows on a screen and or up to six windows on any supported ultra-wide screen.

One of the great things about Magnet is that it supports the use of hot keys to move the instant window to a part of the screen, or you can use a simple drop-down menu from the menu bar to easily select which part of the screen you want to move your window to .

Magnet also works on any Mac running 10.9 and later. Apple requires you to run 10.14 or 10.15 to use its internal window management system. With a 5.0 rating and over 30,000 reviews on the App Store, there is a good chance that you will be very satisfied. Personally, I think that far exceeds Apple's iPad as the side window management. At least, you can use them both together, depending on which method best suits your needs at that time.

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