"As part of its efforts to rebuild Apple Maps, Apple has collected street-level data with LiDAR-equipped vehicles for over three years, with at least 45 states across the United States, partially investigated to date," Joe Rossignol reports for MacRumors.

"This sum will increase in the coming months, as Apple has confirmed it will begin mapping Alaska, South Carolina and Tennessee between March and July, according to an update to the newly updated Apple Maps image collection site" Rossignol Reports. "Data collection is also set to continue in seven other states during that time."

"Apple's discovery has reached almost every corner of the United States. Apple plans to roll out its enhanced Maps app across the country by section over the next year, Rossignol says." Apple Maps vehicles have also mapped parts of Croatia, France, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and the UK, and they go to Andorra in April, according to Apple's website. "

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