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Apple now allows developers to appeal App Store decisions and policies

At WWDC 2020, Apple announced new technologies for developers, while also detailed major changes came to the app review process for the first time.

The company said back in June that it would soon allow developers to appeal App Store decisions, plus also challenge guidelines.

As of today, Apple has rolled out its mechanism for developers to do exactly what they detailed at WWDC.

“The App Store is dedicated to providing a great experience for everyone. To continue to provide a safe place for users to download apps and help you develop apps that are secure, high-quality, reliable, and respectful of users̵

7; privacy, we’ve updated the app review process announced at WWDC20, “Apple reiterated.

Apple says “for apps already in the App Store, bug fixes will no longer be delayed due to policy violations, except for those related to legal issues.”

For policy violations, Apple says developers can address these in the next filing.

“In addition to appealing decisions about an app violating the policy, you can propose changes to the policy,” Apple’s press release explains to developers.

“We also encourage you to submit your suggestions to the App Store and the Apple Development Platform so that we can continue to improve the experiences for the developer community,” the company concludes.

These changes are important for developers because in the past, decisions made by the App Store team were usually final, without developers being able to appeal, apart from trying to get media attention for their situation. Apple addressed a question regarding the Hey email app before WWDC, and has recently battled Epic Games in a legal battle over the App Store guidelines.

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