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‘Apple One’ references Found in iOS code and registered domain names

Last month, Bloomberg reported that Apple would debut a new service package called ‘Apple One’, and ahead of the company’s special event on Tuesday, more evidence of the new offering has been discovered.

9to5Mac has found references to ‘Apple One’ in iOS code, noting that “these strings appear in the location files used for the Manage Subscriptions iPhone screen.”

The strings mention words like “Cancel Apple One”, “Keep Apple One” and “You can unsubscribe from Apple One and keep only what you want”.

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“The string references are in the same file as the code strings that talk about choosing which individual Apple services to keep, instead of continuing with the package,”

; reports 9to5Mac.

Earlier this week, references to the Apple One were also discovered in the Apple Music app for Android.

Other evidence that Apple One will soon become a reality is that Apple has registered several domain names with the name, as it was found by MacRumors.

Apple saw its service category bring in $ 13.2 billion in revenue for the last quarter, an increase of $ 2 billion the year before. This category includes digital services from Apple such as iTunes, Apple Music, App Store, Mac App Store, Apple TV +, Apple Arcade, Apple News + and more.

New Apple One packages will allow the company to bring in more subscribers to services, as package prices will be cheaper than stand-alone subscriptions.

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