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Apple Park valued at over $ 4 billion, here's where it ranks

Apple's futuristic spaceflight campaign in Cupertino has been valued at over $ 4 billion, according to the Santa Clara County assessor. This valuation comes as Apple has withdrawn against property valuations earlier to avoid property taxes.

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According to the reviewer, Apple Park itself is worth $ 3.6 billion. When you have a factor in things like computer maintenance equipment, furniture, and grounds, this valuation increases to $ 4.17 billion. David Ginsborg, vice president of Santa Clara County, said coming to a valuation for Apple Park was challenging because everything was tailored:

"I mean, every one of it is customized," he said. The intricately designed ring – containing treated glass and specially designed tiles – is surrounded by pine from the Mojave desert. But at the end of the day, it's an office building, Ginsborg said. "And then we were able to put a number on it."

This appreciation makes Apple one of the world's most expensive buildings, along with it like the One World Trade Center, the $ 15 billion Abraj Al Bait Towers and $ 100 billion The Great Mosque in Mecca in Saudi Arabia and more (via SF Chronicle ).

Apple claims to pay 1 percent property tax per year, which comes out to just over $ 40 million this year. Some believe, however, that Apple will pay more, as the property tax does not "compensate for its contribution to the housing crisis and homelessness." But still, Apple is still the largest real estate taxpayer in Santa Clara County.

Of the over $ 40 million Apple pays in property taxes, 25 percent goes to finance primary school while 15 percent goes to the fire department. Cupertino itself receives 5 percent for discretionary expenses.

When it originally reached an agreement with Cupertino to build Apple Park, Apple paid $ 5.85 million in a affordable housing fund and invested $ 75 million to improve urban infrastructure and traffic. Apple has regularly filed property tax decisions in Santa Clara County and is the county's leading appeal for such reviews.

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