"Apple plans to close both of its stores in the Texas East District in a few months from an attempt to protect itself against patent roles, according to five sources familiar with the case," reports Joe Rossignol. for MacRumors.

"Apple Willow Bend in Plano, Texas and Apple Stonebriar in Frisco, Texas, both located in the northern suburbs of Dallas, are expected to close permanently in mid-April," Rossignol reports. "One source said every store's end date will be Friday, April 1

2. Employees were informed of the plans earlier this week. To continue serving the region, Apple plans to open a new store at the Galleria Dallas Mall in Dallas, just south of the eastern part of the Texas border. One source said the store will open on Saturday, April 13. "" The plans are important, as the US law states that patent infringement can be sued "where the defendant has committed infringement and has a firm and established place for business "," Rossignol reports. "By closing their stores in East Texas, Apple ends its established business district in the district."

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