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Apple pulls buggy macOS Mojave Security Update, Safari 14

After users experienced a number of issues, it seems that Apple has released the latest macOS Mojave security update, as well as downloading Safari 14 for macOS Mojave.

macOS Mojave offers new features inspired by professionals but designed for everyone, including dark mode, stacks, new apps and a redesigned Mac App Store.
macOS Mojave

Mike Peterson for AppleInsider:

According to Macintosh, some of the issues users have with memory issues, slow startup and high fan speeds, system inertia and stalls in the Finder, among other issues. Apple pulled both updates around 5pm east of September 30th.

Complaints about the update began to appear shortly after it was released on September 24, although the Safari 14 update for Mojave was released on September 16. The exact update for macOS Mojave was security update 2020-005.

MacDailyNews Take: If you meet the hardware requirements and your software is compatible, macOS Mojave users should upgrade to macOS Catalina.

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