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Apple received a patent this week for the Apple Watch Noise App

In June 2017, Apple hired Stanford’s Dr. Sumbul Desai to work with healthcare services for the Apple Watch. Two years later, Dr. Desai introduced some new Health Apps for the Apple Watch during this WWDC 2019 main viewing segment. One of the new apps introduced was the “Noise” app.

Below you will find WWDC 2019 Keynote which is set to begin when Dr. Desai started talking about hearing health and introduced the Noise app. This segment goes a little over a minute. You can stop the video after the segment ends.

Last Tuesday, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office officially issued a patent for this new health feature titled “User Interface for Monitoring Noise Levels.”

; Apple kept this app secret as they are registered because they have never filed a traditional patent application under “Apple”.

One possible explanation for this is that Apple may have acquired the patent, as the only inventor is listed as Nicolas Felton, an information designer who has no record with Apple in his LinkedIn account.

Apple’s patent FIG. 6A-6L illustrate examples of user interfaces for monitoring noise exposure levels with two of the patent images from the group presented below.

2 Apple Watch Noise App

Apple’s assigned patent covers 54 pages with specific patent numbers for Noise apps with many pages covering double images. You can look through all the patent numbers found in given patent 10,764,700 here. The images from the Noise app begin on page 15.

Apple’s patent states that this app is for the Apple Watch (a smartwatch), but also shows that it may be for their iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, although it is currently limited to the Apple Watch. In fact, the patent also mentions that it can be found on MacBooks (laptops) and iMacs (desktops).

While Apple always likes to ensure that their inventions are never limited to one application or device, that does not mean that there is a guarantee that it will ever go beyond the Apple Watch.

10.52FX - Granted patentable

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