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Apple registers domain name ‘Apple One’ before Tuesday’s event

Just a day after the strings in Apple’s own Apple Music app for Android indicated that the company’s upcoming bundle of subscriptions would really be called “Apple One”, Apple traded to register a number of domain names for the word.

Apple Music
Apple Music

Eric Slivka for MacRumors:

The move further indicates that Apple One is likely to be the marketing name for the packages instead of a placeholder.

Although Apple probably does not end up using many of the domain names, it is typical for the company to secure many variations to ensure that others do not have control over them.

Among the “Apple One” domain names registered by Apple yesterday:

• appleone.audio
• appleone.blog
• appleone.chat
• appleone.cloud
• appleone.club
• appleone.community
• appleone.film
• appleone.guide
• appleone.host
• appleone.space
• appleone.tech
• appleone.website

MacDailyNews Take: “Apple One” is it – and in time too!

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