Apple has released its annual holiday ad entitled "Share Your Gifts." The video tells the story of Sophia, a creative young woman who uses a MacBook to write, but finishes her work in a box where nobody can see it. Set to "come out and play" by Billie Eilish, the story Sophia follows over time as she continues to write and pursue other creative ways that always hide them from others.

In the heartwarming of the video, Sophia's dog pushes her window open and causes the sides of her printed writing to blow out the window of the streets. Sophia runs outside the sheets, but can not pick them up before the people pick them up and start reading with their faces while they like to write.

The video was released with a corresponding "making of" video that shows how much went into play, combining handmade miniature sets and CG graphics. It's a fascinating look at how much care and effort was made to make almost three minutes of video.

I've always had Apple Vacation Ads, and this year is no exception. The message to share creativity as a way to connect with others is a good message for the holiday that also fits well with the company's products.