Apple released iOS 12.4 with enhancements to Apple News, a new iPhone migration tool, support for HomePod in Taiwan and Japan, and a security error solution in the Apple Watch's Walkie-Talkie app.

With release of version 12.4 of iOS, downloaded magazines in the My Magazines section of the News app, is now available for reading online and offline. The Apple News publications directory includes newspapers such as the Wall Street Journal, which were previously not listed in the catalog. There is also a new option for clearing downloaded magazines from Apple News by selecting History → Delete → Clear All.

In addition to the changes in News, the update introduces an iPhone migration tool that allows users to wirelessly transfer data from an old to a new iPhone during the installation process, support for HomePod in Taiwan and Japan, and a solution for the security error in Walkie-Talkie Watch app.

It was widely expected that iOS 1

2.4 would introduce the Apple card, the credit card the company announced in March, but based on early reports it seems that users will have to wait a little longer before signing up for the card.