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Apple says Apple Card billing mix has been resolved, but tax firm still flooded with phone calls

Apple on Friday said it solved an apparent problem with the Apple Card that led to certain AT&T charges appearing as billing from “Waters, Hardy & Co.”, although the small Texas tax company continues to See a flood of conversations from confused customers.

The technology giant contacted Waters, Hardy & Co. to say that the mix was corrected, but the firm’s partner, Richard Waters, CPA, suggests that the solution has not yet been rolled out to all affected customers.

“Apple contacted us and said it was resolved,” Waters said AppleInsider in an email. “We turned on the phones and were flooded again. Maybe it will take time to work through the system.”


Waters was forced to disable the company’s phone lines yesterday after being overrun by calls from Apple Card customers who wanted to know why charges from an unknown tax company appear on their Apple Card statements.

Trouble started on Thursday when Apple Card owners reported apparently incorrect transactions, appearing in the Apple Card section of the Wallet app. Some trace the error back to incorrectly marked AT&T costs.

The incident has created major problems for the small company. A 10-person equipment, Waters, Hardy & Co. employees work overtime to complete customers’ extended tax returns by November 15th. Responding to calls from confused Apple cardholders consumes valuable time, and the attack means their own customers are unable to get through.

“This has been an incredible challenge for us,” Waters said. “Our employees have had to answer the phones instead of working on the customers’ returns. None of our customers can reach us. It’s so bad that we had to turn on the car operator and leave a message for callers explaining What has happened. ”

Waters failed to contact representatives of Apple, AT&T or Goldman Sachs yesterday.

Apple has not yet commented on the issue, and the cause of the error is still unknown.

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