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Apple says that the new Solo Loop for Apple Watch can ‘increase the length over time’; updates size guide

Earlier this month, Apple introduced the Apple Watch Series 6 and Apple Watch SE. The company also presented the new Solo Loop and Braided Solo Loop straps, a new design without a buckle or lock.

Thanks to the design of the new bands, Apple has a new size guide for potential buyers. This is designed to help you choose the right size for your wrist, as it cannot be adjusted. Unless it’s eventually, apparently. As first noted today by MacRumors, Apple has updated the supporting documents regarding the Apple Watch, and notes an important detail in the new Solo Loop.

According to Apple, the new silicone rubber Solo Loop can “increase in length over time”. This means that the band with a lot of use and over time can become looser on the wrist. Per small print on the support document:

Solo Loop can increase in length over time.

This does not seem to be the case for braided support loop, only the silicone rubber option.

This is definitely worth knowing, given that Apple is proposing a “snug fit” for the Apple Watch. Proper fit is also not just meant for general comfort. With the sensors baked into the smartwatch, a snug fit means more accurate measurements.

Meanwhile, Apple has made a new change for the Solo Loop band. Michael Steeber on Twitter said that Apple has updated its size guide today. The numbers (starting 1 and going to 12) have not changed, but Apple provides more detailed instructions for the process. New illustrations were also added.

This is probably an important update for the size guide, because as we reported earlier this week, the wrong size means a full return of the Apple Watch. So if you order an Apple Watch Series 6 with a Solo Loop or Braided Solo Loop strap and it does not fit, you will need to return the entire Apple Watch to replace it.

Did you order a new Apple Watch with Solo Loop or Braided Solo Loop?

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