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Apple Search Ads changes standard ads

Apple Search Ads is a great tool for promoting your mobile app; it can help put your app in front of users while contributing to organic growth. With that in mind, search engine developers should monitor their campaigns closely, as changes to the program can affect ongoing campaigns.

Creative Sets & Change

In June 2018, Apple
added creative sets to search ads
. These allow developers to choose what
screens they will show with the app's ads on different searches or
for specific groups of users. The selected screens appear next to it
app in the search results when the ad is displayed.

When setting up advertising sets, usually the first pictures on
the app's screens are the standards to display. If the app uses portrait
mode screens, it selects the first three. If it uses landscape screens,
it chooses the first one.

Recently, developers have noticed a change. If an app uses a
creative sets that include both landscape and portrait screens, Search Ads
will prioritize landscape screens and default the first image in
that layout, although there are several portraits in front of it.

This can result in apps delivering ads with less than
optimal advertising. While each screen should be designed according to ASO
best practices
is the order in which screens are displayed, important.

For example, if an app shows the value proposition to
the first portrait mode screen, then additional landscape information
later, it will first present the portrait mode image.

Apple displays either three portrait images or one landscape
image in the search results. If an app creative set is designed to show
three portrait images, developers may not want the best three images
replaced by a single.

What developers can do

Since this only happens for apps that use a mix of landscapes
and portrait mode screens, apps that only use one or the other
Creative sets don't have to worry about it. Apps that use both can check theirs
Search ad campaigns to make sure they show the right ads.

Even if you don't show alternative advertising sets, it is
still important to check and make sure your default setting is correct. There is a chance
that search ads have standardized the first landscape image, though
The first three pictures are all portraits.

If this is the case, adjust manually
selected creatives to choose the ones you want for the campaign. This is a good one
opportunity to choose different creative sets as well.

Changing screens can affect your conversions from
Search ads, so it's important to make sure the right images appear
for the right ad groups.

If you use portrait and landscape photos, make sure you first
landscape image works for general search ad campaigns. That way it will
works as a default image if displayed as one.

The following images can then be targeted for specific search ad campaigns, such as certain recipes for food apps or items for sale for shopping apps.

It's important to monitor your search ad and search results
Ensure that all aspects are updated and optimized. The creative sets are a key
visual aspects of the ads so that the right image is displayed for the right searches
can help an app's search ad campaigns succeed.

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