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Apple sells modified iPhone models in Germany

Almost a week ago, the German site WinFuture reported that Apple was intending to introduce modified iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 models in Germany's warehouses, despite sales bids imposed by the local authorities. Now Reuters has confirmed that Apple will send iPhone with only Qualcomm chips to German stores.

Qualcomm has in particular won the legal battle against patent infringement from Apple in Germany. Now, Apple will adhere to a patent application that has no choice but to replace Intel chips in the Qualcomm iPhone models to resell them in Germany.

Apple has "No Choice", but sells modified iPhone models In Germany

Reuters boxed Apple's spokesman as saying "Qualcomm is trying to impose orders on our products to try to get Apple to undermine their In many cases, they use patents they have purchased or have nothing to do with their mobile technology to damage Apple and other industry players. "

The spokesman continued on, " To ensure that all iPhone models can again be available to customers in Germany, we have no choice but to stop using Intel chips and send our phones with Qualcomm chips in Germany. Qualcomm is working to eliminate competition in a way as they can, harm consumers and suffocating industrial innovation along the way. "

Readers who are not familiar with Apple Qualcomm's legal battle should know that the global chip maker had sued the iPhone maker in Germany, claiming nd that Apple violated Qualcomm patents in the production of iPhone 7 and iPhone 8.

In its judgment, the court was equated with Qualcomm and imposed a ban on iPhone models with Intel model chips. This forced Apple to remember devices from 1

5 stores in Germany and online stores as well.

Summary …

This may be a temporary solution from Apple as the iPhone manufacturer will not surrender to "blackmail claims." One should not forget that it is a compromise from Apple and there are chances that the company will jump back with more power in the future.

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