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Apple sells Mophie's new AirPower knock-off

Of course, there are other wireless charging pads available. Still, it's interesting to see a big name like Mophie make one when Apple couldn't, and then for Apple to sell the Mophie devices through the website and stores.

Mophie unveiled a pair of multi-unit pads on Friday, each of which provides 7.5W of charging output. The dual version ($ 99.95) lets you increase the battery charge on a Qi-enabled iPhone and AirPods at the same time, with a USB-A port included to let you charge another device via a cable.

The 3-in-1

model ($ 139.95) adds an Apple Watch stand that lets you charge the smart watch at the same time as the phone and AirPods, with a dedicated cavity for the latter. Mophie suggests that the Watch stand is at an ideal angle for Nightstand Mode.

The company claims that the pillows are optimized for Apple devices. The pillows are not quite as flexible as Apple wanted AirPower to be. It allows you to charge only one of the iPhone, AirPods and Apple Watch at the same time, although AirPower should make it possible to load all combinations of devices. Nor does it appear that you will be able to see the charge level for each device from your phone, a feature AirPower should offer.

Together with the pillows, Mophie revealed a pair of USB-C car chargers that have 18W output. They include a model with a single port ($ 24.95) and one with an additional USB-A port, which provides 12W output ($ 29.95).

Apple is selling all four devices through the site now. They will be available in some Apple stores and from the Mophie website next week.

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