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Apple sets the stage for the iPhone manufacturer’s next generation – BGR

  • Apple has begun nurturing the next generation of executives to step up to the top management of the company, including reportedly deciding at least an immediate replacement for Apple CEO Tim Cook should he retire.
  • This inheritance planning in the iPhone manufacturer is the subject of a fascinating news Bloomberg piece from well-fetched Apple reporter Mark Gurman.
  • It is reported that Apple is looking at current COO Jeff Williams to step down as CEO if Cook were to retire, although Cook has no plans to retire anytime soon.

On Friday afternoon, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook released a new tweet that served a couple of purposes ̵

1; one was to announce that the iPhone manufacturer is sending more money to the fire recovery work on the west coast. Acknowledging the pain of those who “lost so much” in the devastating fires, Cook also added a note of ecological concern: “The fires are an urgent reminder that we must act together to protect the planet we all share.”

You could argue that the tweet is a decent start to understanding Apple’s Cook time in the microcosm, where the company more than ever in its history wants the company’s brand to be not just about expensive, pleasurable technical gadgets, but also an increased feature. against philanthropy and for social reasons such as climate change. These are the kind of Tim Cook-mandated changes that have coincided with his leadership of the version of Apple after Steve Jobs – and heck, even the fact that Cook’s tweets are symbolic of the difference between his leadership and Apple’s visionary staff. -Staples.

I was once told how, when Jobs visited Flipboard’s offices back in the beginning, he made it clear that he did not really get Twitter, but that he loved Flipboard as a news consumption app.

In any case, we’re addressing all of this because Cook is now beginning his tenth year at Apple’s corner office, a time that coincides with Apple allegedly nurturing the next generation of executives who want to populate its upper ranks – along with the fact that guesswork has really come into play. time about who will eventually replace Cook when the time comes.

CEOs tend to have mapped out more than one success strategy, both the ideal long-term solution and one that will kick in if an emergency arose that forced a change at the top. A new Bloomberg report from well-received Apple reporter Mark Gurman suggests that Apple is apparently thinking about current Apple COO Jeff Williams for the latter scenario, noting that Williams is ready to take over if Cook were to leave the CEO position at any time, immediately. It makes sense, because it was then COO Tim Cook that Jobs tapped to fill in as interim CEO during his medical absence and then take over as CEO for good.

Williams is also cut by the same corporate attire as Cook, in that he is an operations-centric leader rather than a product and design-focused leader in the form of Jobs. During his time at Apple so far, Williams (who has previously been referred to in Gurman’s reporting as a kind of heir) has monitored Apple’s health initiatives as well as the development of the Apple Watch.

Gurman’s piece is a fascinating read, because it also goes much deeper than Apple’s future CEO, and also speculates that Apple’s new vice president of iPhone marketing Kaiann Drance will probably eventually be promoted to the job of Apple’s general marketing manager.

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